Knowing the path is not enough, you have to walk it.

You know how most spiritual communities tell you how amazing life actually is and that you just have to see?! Well didn't work out for most of us in the long-term, right!? So this is what it's about. The new modern spirituality tends to ignore negative feelings and focus on love and good energies. This method has little to do with the true meaning of a spiritual life, but it is easier to sell, because it promises abundance and happiness without much effort and negative feelings.

It is true that when we are happier, at a higher frequency, we are more creative and active than when we are in a bad mood. However, this ignorance does not lead to happiness. Life is suffering. In order to overcome pain you have to live through it, that is a simple law of nature, one that characterizes human existence, that is why we feel so strong after hard times. At some point in my life it became clear to me that I want to live at the highest frequency, connected with divinity, but that was only possible until I understood the distinction between duality and universal truths.

So, I experienced that love and peace is a state of being, where feelings and emotions belong to duality and therefore to human experience. We are not our emotions, we only experience them. Overcoming pain means freedom. It is what we all strive for, even though most of us forgot and try to justify the outer world to the internal world, to make it work somehow. Our internal world must never be adapted to the external world, because first of all we have to say yes to our innermost being to stand up for what we are in the external world, not the other way around. So, if you are suffering, do it without feeling bad, because it is ok and right.

Everything you feel has a right to be felt. Life wants to be felt in all kinds of ways. The frequency is love, it is the fabric of the universe. So inner work is the only work that is worth the effort and pain, as it is life itself. Don't waste your time, so many wonders to be discovered inside of you, which the world desperately needs to heal. Heal yourself and you will heal the world ❤

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